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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Rusty Surette

This was a feature we started awhile ago, then discontinued during Ogle Madness, and completely forgot about.  Now we are bringing it back to find out what you guys think of News 9 Reporter Rusty Surette.

For a male reporter, Surette has received a lot of attention from this website.  He got into a Facebook war with a rival reporter at Channel 4, and managed to interview Sally Kern as an uncloseted gay man without beating her senseless (that last one can be viewed in a positive or negative way depending on how impressed you are by personal restraint).

This past week, he got on my disapproval list by getting my hopes up with this tweet:

News 9 family @ the pool !

He included a picture, too.  Awesome, right?  Pink bikini redux with Amy McRee...maybe a polka dot number from Amanda Taylor.  We would have even been satisfied by Melissa Maynarich in a maternity suit.  No!  We get this, instead:

Not even a Gan Matthews sighting.  Keep that in mind when you vote after the jump.

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