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Say Hello to the Oklahoma City Barons…

Well, it looks like we can add the Oklahoma City Barons to the list of local minor league franchises that nobody really cares about.   From the blog Copper and Blue, which claims they found the team name and logo for our new minor league hockey franchise while searching the US Patent Office.

So this is the logo I'm now going to occasionally see on the South side of town and on those tragic nights when the Blazers Barons and Thunder both have home games.  I guess I can live with that.  Now if only we can do something about the smell of the Cox Center on those nights.

Anway, this logo isn't too bad.  Although people like Chad will make potty jokes about the brown teardrop, at least it doesn't yell "COCK!" at you like the Redhawks logo or put you to sleep like the Thunder's little design.

Also, this logo does a great job of making us look bad.  I'm sure some people will love that!  It totally refutes this post that Clark Matthews wrote a few months back.  Apparently, a now EX-Ogle Mole told Clark that the team name was going to be the Oilers.  I don't know about you, but Clark Matthews really needs some new Ogle Moles.  Keiton Paige and JJ Redick just aren't cutting it.

p.s. - I think we beat Oklahoman to the punch on this.  Take that!

p.s.2. - This isn't as cool as the last time we revealed a local sports logo.

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