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Even our contributors are famous…

Here at The Lost Ogle, we get our fair share of media coverage and fame.

We've been on the front cover of the Gazette, made E! News and even had Channel 9 cover our Snuggie Pub Crawl.  Hell, last week we made the front cover of a magazine we've never heard of before. I guess that's cool.

What's also cool is that some of our contributing writers and editors are starting to get some individual fame, too.  Seriously, they're appearing on national morning shows, sports websites and even"¦uhm"¦newsletters.  Check it all out after the jump.

Chad made G4's Web Soup:

Yeah, we give Chad a hard time on this website, but we actually kind of like him.  For one, he makes us feel better about ourselves.  And two, he occasionally writes something funny.  By occasionally, I mean every couple of months.

Chad also helps add to the authenticity of this website.  He truly is a stereotypical slacker blogger.  Just look up blogger in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of Chad eating Funyun's in front of his computer at 3:00am in his sister's spare bedroom.  Hopefully, you'll see the picture of him wearing pants.

All that being said, Chad can clean up and look good for TV.  The clip above is from Web Soup's visit to Mr. Spriggs to hand out the "Best Achievement in Local Advertising" Golden award.  Chad made his appearance a little over two minutes in.  Watch him as he tries to charm his fellow slackers watching the show.   And while you're at it, tell us what that strange clump of hair is called that's stuck to the middle of his forehead.


Robert Reid made the Today Show:

Robert Reid is the US Travel Editor for Lonely Planet.  Last February, he wrote a cool article that compared Oklahoma travel spots to other worldly destinations. Apparently the Today Show found out about the column, because a month or so later he made an appearance with Kathy Lee and something called Hoda.

I would never condone violence towards women, but I must admit that I wanted Robert Reid to take that annoying girl's frizzy hair and stuff it in her mouth.  Seriously, shut up annoying girl and let the man speak!

Also, who the hell goes on a vacation all alone?  I feel weird going to the mall by myself, much less Berlin or California or Costa Rica.  I know Robert had to play the hand he was dealt, but I hope the next time he's on the Today Show that he gets to talk about where to meet European models and stuff.  That's what people really care about.


Royce Young was on the front of

Royce is the scary looking guy in the bottom right corner.  I still remember when Royce was an aspiring blogger asking us for advice on blogging.  Now he gets media credentials for national sports events and plays Words With Friends with Sam Presti.   That's big league.

However, the best thing about Royce is that Jim Traber hates him almost as much as he hates us.  That's saying something.  Jim Traber hates us more than Paul Maguire, Bill Simmons and Danny Jackson combined.  He doesn't hate us as much as Roger Clemmons, but that's okay.


Marisa made the Gaylord Extra:

How do you know your blog is too big?  You make the Gaylord Extra when you "hire" a new contributor.

Yeah, this is pretty cool.  But what makes it really cool is that the editor of the newsletter for the OU College of Journalism and Mass Communication thought that Marisa landing a blog writing gig was more important than Logan Laden winning an award, an Ad Club meeting and Deborah Chester getting a new website.

Also, the importance placed on Marisa's indoctrination into the TLO family makes me wonder what's going to happen once she and Chad finally hook up.  I bet a cup of Sonic ice that it makes the front page of the OU Daily.


Clark Matthews made

All I'm saying is that we haven't seen or heard from Clark since this story appeared in the Oklahoma.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.

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