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Thunder TV announcers are not smart and make up things”¦

Back when I was a college student I had some class where you had to recite the first 18 lines or something to The Canterbury Tales in old English.  The teacher told us if you got to a part that you couldn't remember, the best strategy was to simply make something up.  Well, apparently Brian Davis and Grant Long took the same class.  Check out the YouTube video below.

Here's the deal.  I'm not expecting the Thunder to trot out Marv Albert and the Czar of the Telestrator for their low rated telecasts, but can't we at least get someone in here that knows a little bit about the NBA and doesn't lie about things and make up random facts?  Or better yet, an announcer that watches the game and doesn't scream "check that" and "stickman" every minute?

I say we go steal Bob Licht. He knows Oklahoma City, was a decent announcer and probably wants to get out of New Orleans.  Or maybe they could hire Brandon Chatmon.  That would be to the Hizeeeeeee.

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