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IM GAY better be inscribed on his tombstone…

A couple of months ago, we wrote about Keith Kimmel. He was the gay man who sued the state because they wouldn't let him get a personalized car tag that said IM GAY.  He also wore a funny hat.

Sadly, Keith died sometime on Tuesday night.  From

A Norman  man who wanted "IM GAY" on his Oklahoma  car tag has died.

Keith Kimmel, 28, sued the state Feb. 10. His lawsuit asked an Oklahoma County judge to order the Tax Commission to grant his application.

He later dropped the lawsuit but said he was changing attorneys and would refile his request in Oklahoma City federal court.

Norman police reported a friend found him dead this morning. He had stayed overnight at the friend's apartment.

Our condolences go out to all of Keith's family and friends.  We didn't know Keith, but he was a Facebook friend of ours.  That probably means he was an occasional "” if not regular "” reader of this website.  For some reason, that makes his death kind of hit close to home.

Saying all that, IM GAY better be inscribed on this dude's tombstone!  That would probably make him smile from some gay bar in heaven.  Also, since the state doesn't regulate tombstones, it could probably be done without a lawsuit being filed.  Although I'm sure once our anti-government state legislature finds out about it, they will pass a bill that mandates language on tombstones be approved by a right wing nut job committee.

Anyway, RIP Keith.

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