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NCAA Tournament Live Blog!!!

11:13 AM EDT on March 19, 2010

I'm not sure if this is a surprise or not, but I will be live blogging this afternoon's NCAA March Madness at Buffalo Wild Wings on Northwest Expressway.  Beer, basketball and waitresses with really blue eye shadow.  Expect many typos.  The madness begins after the jump!

11:12: First of all, we are doing this a Buffalo Wild Wings on Expressway.   If you have nothing to do, you should take a long lunch and buy me some beers come watch the games.

11:14: If you're wondering why we are doing this, it's because I picked 14 out of 16 games yesterday in my work bracket.  Yes, I picked Murray St.   Yes, I picked Old Dominion.  Yes, I picked Georgetown...wait.  Anyway, my day 1 success at picking games means I'm a basketball genius.

11:17: My waitress today is a tall blonde who loves basketball and has been filling out brackets since she was 12.  She also is new to Oklahoma and knows nothing about The Lost Ogle.  Today is starting out great!

11:19: Right now there is only one game on: Morgan vs. West Va.  I think I may have dated a girl named Morgan once.  Or I think a couple of my friends did.  Regardless, Morgan was a fun girl.

11:21: Morgan St. is already up 8 - 0.  Want to do well in your Tourney Bracket?  Never pick a Bob Huggins coached team to survive the first weekend.  Never!

11:23: Before anything exciting happens, this has been a crazy week.  Check out this story:

Cierra Steed had an eventful Tuesday.

Steed, 20, was arrested twice by Oklahoma City police in the span of 18 hours, the first time after she crawled into the drive-through window of a southside McDonald's, police spokeswoman Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said. The second time was after a Walmart employee called police and said Steed was caught shoplifting.

Steed was first booked into the Oklahoma County jail Tuesday on a public drunkenness complaint after a 2 a.m. incident at McDonald's, 9001 S Pennsylvania Ave., jail records show.

She was released on bail and booked again on a larceny of merchandise complaint after an 8 p.m. incident at Walmart, 100 E Interstate 240 Service Road.

Employees at the McDonald's said a woman placed an order from her car and then drove straight to the second drive-through window, the police report states. When they told her she forgot to pay at the first window, Steed apparently insisted that she had and became irate.

The woman crawled out of her car window and into the restaurant through the drive-through window, the report states.

Workers called police when she knocked milkshakes off the counter and refused to leave.

Police found Steed in the driver's seat of her car parked in front of the restaurant, the report states. Officers smelled marijuana in the car, and Steed was unsteady on her feet, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

When Steed first identified herself to officers, she said, "Wait ... that's my cousin's name," according to the report. She screamed during the trip to jail that she would return to the McDonald's when she got out, to cause more damage, police said.

In the second incident, a Walmart employee said Steed concealed cosmetics in her sweatshirt and tried to leave the store without paying for them, Wardlow said. An employee confronted and detained her until police arrived, and she was arrested without incident.

Steed has not been charged in either case.

Wow.  Arrested for climbing through a McDonalds drive-thru window and stealing stuff from Wal-Mart.  I think she may have just won the "2010 White Trash Woman of the Year" award.

11:32: So that last update took way toooooo long to post.  I'd like to thank for making it very difficult to locate and link to their stories.

11:33: I can't imagine actually going to jail for some McDonalds.   That's pretty dumb.  Granted, I also don't do meth, so who am I to judge.

11:35: I feel like I'm live blogging on an AOL dial-up connection.

11:37: Just had one of those random "haven't seen you in a year or two" friend sightings.  The dude looks exactly like the Chad Stevens Fowler guy, only he's not as annoying.

11:43: My friend Bobby just arrived.   He sits down and begins a story with "So my brother-in-law and I were at Nite Trips...".  Then his phone rings, and then he just walks off and leaves without saying anything.  How's that for a cliffhanger.

11:46: He comes back, and the story continues:   "So there are these girls and they are fives."

11:49: The rest of this story will appear in "The Lost Ogle, After Dark."

11:52: Waiting for beer number 2.

11:53: How much to do want to bet that Regular Jim Traber is right now dreaming of Hunter Mahan.

11:55: In case you didn't know, Regular Jim Traber came after me again on his radio show.  For someone who hates us "” and thinks I'm a pathetic sissy "” he sure does spend a lot of time worrying about us.  Maybe he'll come after us like he did Paul Maguire.

11:58: Bobby and I have decided to have contest today.  It's called "Win a Trip to Chicago of Tulsa with Patrick and Bobby" contest.  All single attractive females between the ages of 18 - 50 (50 only if you look 30) are eligible to win.  For details, email okcpatrick at

12:01: We have so far received o entries for our "Win a Trip to Chicago of Tulsa with Patrick and Bobby" contest.

12:04: Chad just tried to enter the "Win a Trip to Chicago of Tulsa with Patrick and Bobby" contest.

12:07: Speaking of Chad, he's at the library today making sure that old men wearing hoodies aren't look at porn.  He mentioned that he should do his own library live blog.  If you think this is boring, imagine how bad that one would be.

12:08: Last year, the runaway winner for annoying March Madness commercial was the Capital One "Spaghetti Jimmy" Commercial.  This year, it is either the new Southwest commercial or the Lowes commercial.  I'm leaning towards the Lowes Commercial that ends with a dog digging in someones garden.


12:14: This has nothing to do with basketball, but apparently they are making a movie about The Pioneer Woman.  Who is going to play the Pioneer Woman??? Reese Witherspoon.

12:17: Reese Witherspoon playing the Pioneer Women is ridiculous.  That would be like Brad Pitt playing Clark Matthews in the upcoming Lost Ogle movie.

12:18: According to Bobby, Bob Barry Jr. has Kansas, Kansas St. and Baylor in his Final 4.  How in the world did this guy get a job as a Sports Talk Host.  Oh wait, I know the answer to that question.  He rides his dad's coattails ever single day.

12:22: I think I should do a quick look through the live blog for typos.

12:24: Back to Jim Traber, if you got in fight with him, would it be like fighting King Hippo in Punch Out?  Like, whenever he opens his big mouth, would you start punching the band-aid on his belly that covers up his colon surgery scar.  Or would it be like fighting Don Flaminco?

12:27: We have just received word from an Ogle Mole that Mark Rodgers fights like Don Flaminco.  And Al Eschbach is Glass Jo.  I'm thinking that I would be the second Piston Honda.

12:29: Bobby just asked "Who was the Black Genie."  If that's not the name of a B-Movie, I don't know what is.

12:30: Random thought.  My three favorite NES games are : Super Tecmo Bowl, Mario Brother 3 and Dragon Warrior.  In fact, the Dragon Warrior series may be the most under-rated video game series of all time.  Have you ever killed a metal slime?  Regardless of your answer, if you get what I'm saying, we just bonded.

12:38: One thing about live blogging.  It sure does make it hard to follow all the basketball games.

12:40: We have still not received any entries for the "Win a Trip to Chicago of Tulsa with Patrick and Bobby" contest.

12:43: Bobby has just offered to by shot for the first 50 girls who come to Buffalo Wild Wings on Expressway and tell him he's very handsome.

12:46: Brittany, our waitress, had to work 14 hours yesterday.  She has to work another long shift today, plus she has to wait on us.  Poor Brittany.

12:48: By the way, when we create our Lost Ogle volleyball team, I'm pretty sure that Brittany is going to be our spiker.

12:53: So....West Virgina is destroying Morgan St, but I'll say it again.  Never pick a Bob Huggins coached team to make it past the first weekend of the tournament.

12:56: The funniest thing I read this weekend was on TMZ and it had to do with an OU basketball player:

University of Oklahoma basketball star Keith "Tiny" Gallon may have violated a cardinal NCAA rule by accepting thousands of dollars from a guy who appears to have been courting him.

Uhm, if Tiny Gallon is  a star, then I'm the king of Oklahoma City.  And how slow of a news day was it at TMZ for this story to make the site?  Did TMZ hire Robert Allen as an editor?

1:04: Wild Wings is starting to clear out a little bit.  That means you can now leave work and come up here early for drinks.

1:07: Someone just texted me the proper procedure to defeat King Hippo.  This same person just informed me that the Black Genie was The Great Tiger.  I'm pretty sure that this person's favorite Punch Out! character is Soda Popinski.

1:10: This has been a terrible day for basketball.  I did expect a little drop off after yesterday's games, but this is ridiculous.

1:13: Originally, the plan was for this live blog to take place at TLO from 11:00 to 2:00, and then move over to DailyThunder from 2:00 - 5:00, but then sissy boy Roycie Young big-leagued us.

1:18: But you know you've made it whenever Roycie Young big leagues you.  Before you know it, he's going to have our readers write his columns.

1:20: "Bobby, who did you pick to win it all?"

"I picked West Virginia."

1:22: Is it good or bad that I don't know if I'm on my third or fourth beer?

1:24: Yesterday, there were 43 overtime games and classic last second shot victories.  Today, the most entertaining game is video poker.

1:26: The waitress with a lot blue eye shadow who also works at Coyote Ugly just got engaged to Rumble.  I need to drink more.

1:29: For what it's worth, after today's games I'm 17 - 2 in the tournament.

1:34: Just made a $500 bet that Bill Self will be the head coach at Oklahoma St by December 31, 2019.  If he's not the coach of OSU or Kansas, the bet is a push.

1:39: Buffalo Wild Wings totally needs a Beer Pong Table.

1:41: We have our first entry to the "Win a Trip to Chicago of Tulsa with Patrick and Bobby" contest.  It's Esther Reynolds out of Chickasha.  Congrats, Esther.

1:47: Our waitress, Brittany, owns both an eye patch and a Samurai sword.  Brittany just won something!

1:51: My OSU- Georgia Tech prediction: OSU 43, Georgia Tech 78.

2:00: Beer number 4 or 5.  Wheels are coming off!

2:03: For what it's worth, Blythe finally got around to reposting those pictures of she and her friends playing bikini twister.

2:05: Also, Ms. Wisabus has posted pictures of she and her friends praying for girls playing bikini twister.

2:07: Also, The Pioneer Women has a buttery roll recipe.  Whatever.

2:14: Sorry about the delay.  Had to harass Jim Traber on Twitter.

2:24: The young siblings have arrived.  You have to feel sorry for people who have to follow in my footsteps.

2:29: Brittany the Waitress just told us that she randomly hums the Star Wars theme while she works.

2:32: Some dude who plays for the Golden Grizzlies just got his eye ripped from his heart and shown to him while it was still beating....or something like that.

2:35: Just made the mistake to open up "Words with Friends."  Crap, now I'm trying to place 'QUIZ' on a triple word score, drink, watch basketball and do this live blog all at once.

2:44: Conversation has digressed.

2:54: We're now discussing Fantasy Football Trades.  This topic makes abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research look tame!

3:00: Crap.  Beer 5 or 6 has just arrived.  Time to take a break.  May be back.

4:30: Well kids, time to call it a live blog.

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