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Page 3: One Horrible Way To Die in Norman

First off, this week was supposed to be Why Your City Sucks: Small Towns, but I didn't get near the submissions I was hoping for. So come on people, tell me why your little town sucks butt. Send it in:

Speaking of butt, in the meantime I'll direct you to a video I was sent by a faithful reader (h/t Jax) that could have went as a reason Norman sucks. Evidently people put shampoo bottles and thermometers up their caboose there. Or at least one guy does. Er, did.

One thing sticks out to (no pun) to me during this video: Putting things in your butt like a snowglobe or a remote control is weird, but a metal spring? I mean, geez. That doesn't seem like it would fit well at all.

But as for Carl Dunbar, he died by putting thermometers in his pooper and then "wrecked himself" as they say in the video. I think there's a new one for Joey to add to his list of ways to die in Oklahoma. Right behind swimming in the Oklahoma River. That thing can get nasty in the summertime.

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