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Here’s the Ogle Madness III Tournament Bracket!!!

Earlier this evening we unveiled the Ogle Madness III Tournament on 105.3 The Spy.  The number one seed in this year's event are:

East: Gary England
Midwest: Olivia Munn
South: Kristin Chenowith
West: Carrie Underwood

To view the complete bracket, click here.  To take a look at stuff related to Ogle Madness I and Ogle Madness II, visit the archives.

This year's event should be pretty fun.  We have decided to start things off with the play-in game between the Ghost of Oral Roberts vs. The Ghost of EK Gaylord on Tuesday.  As of tonight, the Ghost of EK is a 30 vote favorite.

Also, if anyone knows how to possibly make an online application where people can submit tournament predictions, send us an email.  We'd like to have a bracket contest, but don't want to scroll though thousands of completed brackets.

Another also...special thanks goes out to the people at for designing this year's official Ogle Madness III logo.  Visit their website for a special surprise or something.

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