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The 80’s are coming…

12:00 AM EST on December 29, 2009


If you're a 45-year-old cougar who can't let go of your youth, a Rocklahoma fan, or you just really really like meth, today's news may be the best thing you've ever heard in your life...or at least this week.  From

As Active Rock "94.7 The Buzz" KHBZ Oklahoma City continues to struggle against Citadel's heritage Rock 100.5 KATT and Renda's Classic Rock "107.7 KRXO", Clear Channel appears ready to attack the pair from a different angle., registered this week and pointing to KHBZ's current site (except for the homepage redirect to Yahoo) hints that the station will shift to the 80s based Classic Rock brand that the company has launched in quite a few other markets (Milwaukee, Portland, and Omaha among others).

Hmmn"¦does anyone else find it suspicious that right after we learn that the State Fair Speedway is closing, it's announced that minor league hockey is returning and we're getting a radio station that only plays "80's Classic Rock?"  What's next?  The Oklahoma State Fair becoming a year long event?

Anyway, it was only a couple years ago that TheBuzz changed from an Alt-Rock to a Meth-Rock format. I wouldn't be surprised if it changes formats again in a couple of years.  Maybe when that happens, Clear Channel will start a Sports Talk station to compete with The Sports Animal.  That would actually be cool.

In my opinion, the main reason the Sports Animal is so successful is that it has a FM signal.  If Clear Channel hired away some of the good talent from The Sports Animal (Mark Rodgers, Carey Murdock, and the 1990's Mike Steely) along with the talent from KREF (Toby Rowland and Myron Patton) it may have a chance to succeed.  However, doing something like that would be smart.  Considering management thought it was a good idea to move the Buzz to an 80's rock format, I doubt it will ever happen.

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