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Adron Tennell is not a good football player…

10:54 AM EST on November 27, 2009

Originally, this was going to be long eloquent post about how Adron Tennell is the worst football player in the Bob Stoops era to get significant playing time. I was going to write about how he's worse than Kejuan Jones, worse than Chijioke Onyenegecha, and even worse than the Horse Pigs.

After that, I was then going to segue into how Adron Tennell epitomizes what's wrong with the current state of OU football.  It seems like OU's putting players on the field based more on recruiting hype and 40 times rather than if they can actually play football.  Take Adron, for example.  He's seemed to drop more passes than he's caught, and when he's in the end zone, his hands turn into large cement blocks.  Would a terrible, flaky and undisciplined player like Adron suit up for Stoops in 1999?  No way.  They would have trotted out a high school walk-on before a player like Adron.

Anyway, I decided not to write all that because Adron is a 22-year-old amateur athlete receiving a full ride scholarship and is immune to criticism.  Instead, I figured I would just post a video of Mr. Bucky LaGrange playing 2nd base.  When I watch Adron play football, I feel like I'm watching Bucky play baseball.  Only Bucky is fictional and a cartoon.   When I watch an OU football game, I kind of wish Adron was, too.

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