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Here’s Looking at You: Bedlam Edition

Before the season, this was anticipated to be the biggest Bedlam game, perhaps ever.  Then, Sam Bradford got hurt because the offensive line did not gel together as Sooner fans hoped and every other Sooner player followed in his footsteps.  Now the team is sporting the worst record the student body of OU has watched since John Blake was calling the shots.

And while OSU followed though with their part by having one of the best seasons in school history, they too managed to drop a winnable game to Houston and get smashed by Texas at home.

So, instead, this week is mainly about Turkey Day...but I didn't want to waste all the pictures I gathered to show the doppelgangers of players important to the teams, so here they are:

OU QB Landry Jones & Kip Dynamite

landry jones stache
Kip Dynamite

OSU CB/KR Perrish Cox & Illinois State Rep Jesse Jackson, Jr.

perrish cox
jesse jackson jr

OU CB Dominique Franks & Media Mogul P. Diddy

dominique franks

OSU RB Kendall Hunter & Rapper Bushwick Bill

kendall hunter
bushwick bill

OU WR Ryan Broyles & Musician Lenny Kravitz

ryan broyles
lenny kravitz

OSU WR Dez Bryant & Pinocchio

dez bryant

OSU QB Zac Robinson & The Dude from Desperate Housewives


OU QB Sam Bradford and "Sloth" from Goonies

Sam Bradford

OU QB Landry Jones & The Great Gazoo

landry jones stache
great gazoo

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