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RIP Bicycle Bob, 1955-2009

3:14 PM EDT on October 19, 2009

Edmond residents will note the story on that probably has little meaning to others. "Bicycle Bob," a homeless man well-known to Edmondites, was killed sometime Sunday, for reasons unexplained and passing understanding.

He was a ubiquitous figure in the city, a tall, thin man sporting an OU cap and often seen biking down the road or ambling up and down the streets of downtown Edmond. As the Oklahoman story says, it's doubtful many people knew his real name -- Dwight Morgan -- he was simply known to everyone as Bicycle Bob. I never knew a lot about him, and probably never said more than hello to him, but he was a beloved part of the city, and his death is a loss that makes the day grayer.

For Edmond residents, there is a candlelight vigil for Bicycle Bob tonight at 8 at Festival Marketplace. Feel free to leave your memories of him in the comments.

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