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Lack of Effort All Around

This video gives me more respect for Cowboys Forever.

There was a time when the cheesy Sooner football inspired musical offerings were good enough that I had to force myself to hate them (i.e. "Stoops I Did it Again").  I even liked one of them (the one that was "I'm sorry Nebraska; OU's for real!; Twenty games in a row we've won, tomorrow you'll be victim twenty-one" to the tune of Outkast's "Ms. Jackson").

This one, though, makes me embarrassed on behalf of all Sooner fans.  It is like T.J. from KJ103 phoned this one in because the team is in dager of falling to .500 on Saturday.

By the way, good luck tomorrow.

(Note:  If the above video gets pulled from YouTube again, the original can be viewed by clicking here.)

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