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The owners of Channel 4 are”¦uhm”¦interesting

KFOR Channel 4 is owned by a group called Local TV LLC.  The owners/management of Local TV LLC look like interesting people.  From the company's "About Us" page:

Local TV LLC is committed to supporting our station managers, creating strong news and content, and serving the needs of our advertisers and customers.

We currently own and manage a portfolio of 19 television stations across all major networks.

We intend to expand our media footprint, and are pleased to have the New York Times and Fox stations as a foundation, along with WTVR in Richmond, VA.


Bobby Lawrence

Pam Taylor

Yep, it looks like Channel 4 is owned by a guy named Bobby Lawrence and a lady named Pam Taylor who just looks a whole lot like Bobby Lawrence.  Nothing odd about that"¦right? 

Seriously, though, is this real?  If so, I want Local TV LLC to immediately buy KSBI. That would be the coolest thing ever. Can you imagine the current owner's reaction when he finds out he has to work for these people?  He'd probably throw up on his Doppler radar and then file a lawsuit against God as retaliation.  That would be pretty funny.

Anyway, I checked out the ownership groups for our other local news channels and couldn't find anything as remotely interesting as this.  The only thing that came close was this dated picture from Griffin Communications that made the Channel 9 news team look like dead Jedi Knights, but who cares about that.

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