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That'[wa]s A Man, Baby!


Has anyone ever wondered why the Democratic Party in Oklahoma is as endagered as the Argentine water frog?  This is a perfect case study.

If you could name one Oklahoma Republican in any office that Democrats want to unseat (and likely a good number of embarrassed Republicans) I don't think there is any shortlist that does not include state representative Sally Kern.  The reasons are far too numerous to summarize here, but I invite you to visit our archives if you're in the dark as to why.  As such, you would think she had a huge target sign on her back.

Here at TheLostOgle, we have had plenty of readers offer to move into her district simply for the purpose of voting against her.  And while she obviously lives in a very conservative district, there have to be a good portion of her voters who dislike the scorn and ridicule she brings on the area for being intolerant and batsh-- crazy.  And while I'm not a professional political expert, I would suspect that sponsoring a moderate candidate who could expend the time and wisely spend the plethora of donations that are going to come to anyone opposing Kern could probably win.

So who do the Democrats pit against her in District 84?  An ultra-liberal she-male.

Enter Brittany Novotony--formerly William Novotony.  While Novotony might be perfectly capable as a candidate and is very likely an excellent civil rights attorney, hopes of winning House District 84 were dashed right about the time she had her guy parts converted to lady pieces.

While Novotony will fire up the LGBT crowd by taking on the queen of the homophobes, that crowd was plenty fired up for the 2008 election which Kern won with 58% of the vote.  Asking for voters of 84, who overwhelmingly supported the single issue hate monger, to make a 180 by voting for a transgender woman is like asking Jim Traber to admit he was wrong about something.  When you do that, you only steel their resolve.

On the bright side, Sally Kern will continue to give this website plenty of material until, at least, 2012.

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