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More proof that Tom Coburn is a nut…

The video clip below is from a recent appearance Senator Tom Coburn made on "Meet the Press."  When you watch it, be sure to note how quickly he distances himself from people who want to use violence and terrorism to overthrow the government.  You know, people that can be compared to Tim McVeigh.

I don't know what type of rock I live under, but it must be a big one, because I really wasn't aware of this video until reading OkieFunk on Sunday.  Doc Hoc, as always, covers the topic well.  Here's an interesting point he made:

(1) Coburn will probably easily win re-election in 2010, but that will only be because the corporate media here acts irresponsibly by not covering controversies like this one thoroughly. By not giving this story coverage and by refusing to hold Coburn accountable, the local corporate media shows again it cannot be trusted. If any violence occurs at upcoming political events, both Coburn and the corporate media here will be partially to blame. Does The Oklahoman really support the political belief system of Timothy McVeigh?

We know the Oklahoman is biased and prejudiced and all that good stuff, but how did they not cover this story?  Basically, an Oklahoma Senator went out of his way to not discredit right wing wackos that were being compared to Tim McVeigh.  Hell, he almost made it appear that he supports such people.  You think that would be news, right?

Well, not in the Oklahoman.  To be the target of negative press in "the state's most trusted news," it seems that you either have to work for Feed the Children, die in a car wreck or make one of the editorial writers mad.  Seriously, Coburn could be spotted wearing a longhorns hat and snorting cocaine in a Turkish bath in Austin and the Oklahoman wouldn't report it.  And if they did, they probably just write a story lauding him for doing whatever it takes to understand why American's hate health care reform, trial lawyers and environmentalists.

Anyway, one news organization did take notice of Coburn's remarks.  Granted, that news organization is located 1,500 miles from Oklahoma, but it's better than nothing.  Maybe it will force our local media to do some reporting and let the local public know how insane this guy, and then maybe as a result, Oklahoma voters will elect a different yahoo republican to take his place.  That would be nice, because then we'd have a new person to ridicule.

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