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Jim Traber vs. Steve Hunt: The greatest boring moment in OKC radio history

Well, this was unexpected. Yesterday, Steve Hunt called Jim Traber's radio show to talk about the ongoing (and contrived) battle between Jim Traber and all things Seattle. Yep, Steve Hunt vs. Jim Traber. Enjoy:

Granted, this could have been a lot better, but I guess the result was expected. I just think it's kind of funny to listen to two Lost Ogle stalwarts talk to each other. Now if only Brent Skarky and Dave Morris will get into a bloody bar fight, my life will be complete.

Seriously though, in the context of The Lost Ogle, this is a significant event. Steve Hunt and Jim Traber are often the targets of mockery and ridicule on this site. And this is for good reason.

Jim Traber, as you know, is a right wing, biased, opinionated, egomaniacal hypocrite who somehow manages to make six-figures talking on the radio all day without really knowing what he's talking about. He's kind of like the canker sore that you inexplicably touch with your tongue. He's irritating. He burns. Yet for some reason, many people "“ including myself "“ still regularly listen to him.

Steve Hunt"¦well"¦is Steve Hunt (example here and here and here).  He's like achy back pain that will never go away. If you know who he is, you know what we are talking about. If you don't, consider yourself lucky. He's kind of like Beetlejuice. Say his name three times and he's sure to show up and bother you for the rest of your life.

Anyway, it's kind of sad that this radio moment didn't generate the train wreck I was hoping for. Maybe next time Jim won't hang up on Steve. That way we'll have some entertaining radio, and Jim won't have to worry about someone spitting on his food at Taco Bell. Actually, Jim probably has to worry about that all the time. I guess there is some justice in this world.

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