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Something silly is going on at

12:00 PM EDT on August 20, 2009


Last May, we let everyone know that Channel 4 had a noticeably new picture of Meg Alexander up on the staff page at (notice it above).  The style and size of the picture was much better than all the other KFOR photos.  We figured they did to either make Meg look like a serious journalist or to simply tease us.  Here's how we closed that post:

Maybe instead of the principal look, KFOR should make Meg look like the 10th grade English teacher"¦preferably the same one who coached pom.  That would be smart, because then they'd have an excuse to get Joleen Chaney and Bobbie Miller to dress up like the 10th grade English teachers too, take pictures of them, and then post them all in a sweeps week spectacular.  And to make it all legitimate, they could probably have them sponsor DECA.  Clark Matthews loves DECA.

Well...imagine this. Channel 4 has added three new staff bio pictures to  Can you guess who they are?  Get the (good and bad) answers after the jump:

Picture 1: Joleen Chaney

joleen chaney bio

This picture doesn't do proper justice, because Joleen Chaney is all caps HOT.  She is the current favorite to land the top spot in next year's ranking of the "20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City News Media."  She also likes watermelon.


Picture 2: Bobbie Miller

bobbie miller bio

Okay.  That's not a good picture of Bobbie Miller.  They need to reshoot immediately.  Bobby is actually very attractive in a homely type of way.  I would call her a MILF, but MILF is probably offensive and demeaning.  We are not that way at all.  So let's just say that Bob Barry Jr. would probably call her a MILF...or a least a cutie.


Picture 3:  Carson Cunningham

carson cunnigham

Whoooooa, there.  WTF?  Carson Cunnigham?  Who the hell is this guy?  We want pictures of girls who look like the English teacher who taught pom, not pics of the dude who hides behind the bushes and watches them practice.  Seriously, something needs to be done about this immediately.  Maybe we can have Scott Hines investigate.  That would be kind of cool...or maybe not.

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