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Lost Ogle Q & A: Governor Brad Henry

11:00 AM EDT on July 28, 2009

We hinted at this in our post earlier today, and here it is, our exclusive Lost Ogle Q & A with Governor Brad Henry.  We are calling this an exclusive Q&A because we may be the first ever "obscure local social blog" to score an interview with a dude that runs a state.  That's kind of a big deal.

Anyway, check the Governor's thoughts on weather map graphics, Taco Tico and some other silly things after the jump.

p.s- If you get really bored at work today check out some of other Lost Ogle Q & A's.  The one with Ashlynn Brooke is still our favorite.

p.s.s - Tulsa Tuesday will be on hiatus this week.  Apparently, the Irritated Tulsan decided to celebrate the first ever "The Lost Ogle Day" eve in rambunctious style.  Of course, we really think he was just up late listening to Toby Keith CDs.

Q: First of all, thanks for taking the time to take part in this Q&A.  We've interviewed several important Oklahomans over the past two years (people like Mayor Cornett, Jim Roth, and some guy who received a high-five from Manny Ramirez during a baseball game), but this one is the highlight.

Anyway, other than living in a big mansion with a nice view, what's the best part about being the Governor of Oklahoma?

A:  Hey, don't dismiss the "live in a big mansion with a nice view" aspect of the job.  That's a pretty nice perk.

In all honesty, though, I don't believe there is a better job in the world.  This is an incredible state "“ our people, our land, our diversity, our values, our creativity, our dreams.  As much as it might sound corny to some, the best part of being governor is . . .  being governor.


Q: I'm going to get the tough question out of the way first:  Let's say there is a severe thunderstorm barreling towards Oklahoma City.  Which weatherman are you going to watch?

A:  Luckily for me, the Governor's Mansion has a secret situation room with a bank of TV screens so I can watch KFOR, KWTV, KOCO, KSBI, OETA and KOKH all at once.  All those TVs on at once can give me a splitting headache, but it ensures I don't have to leave anyone out.


Q: On the topic of weather, do you find the state map graphic in the corner of the TV screen kind of annoying?  Can we get a law passed that limits it to tornado warnings only, and while we're at it, ban it from being shown during major sporting events?

A:  I will look into that possibility.  I wouldn't mind making use of that graphic a felony if it involves covering up OU games, OSU games, my State of the State speeches or "Dancing with the Stars."


Q: When we ranked the 50 Most Powerful Oklahomans, you came in at #4.  You were in front of Bob Stoops, but behind Christy Gaylord Everest, Jesus Christ and Gary England.  Where would you have ranked yourself?

A:  I would put all of those in front of me, including my wife and kids.


Q: You've been doing a good job at vetoing a bunch of the silly bills passed through the legislature.  Do you own a red veto stamp?  If so, have you had to buy new ink?

A:  Actually, it's a giant pen the size of a Louisville Slugger.


Q: The closest Taco Tico to Oklahoma City is in your hometown of Shawnee.  When you go there, what do you order?

A:  Most of the time I get to Shawnee these days it's for dinner with my in-laws, so I don't typically need to hit a drive-through window.  But we're darn proud of our Taco Tico in Shawnee.


Q: We need QuikTrips in Oklahoma City.  Can you use some of your clout and void the "gentlemen's agreement" between Chester Cadieux and 7-11 that says they won't compete in Oklahoma City & Tulsa?  Maybe sign an Executive Order or something?

A:  I try to reserve my executive orders for flag lowering, declarations of emergency and official rock songs.


Q: Speaking of official rock songs, nice job on The Flaming Lips thing.  Other than "Do You Realize?", what's your favorite Lips song?

A:  I like a number of their songs, but I'm probably partial to "Race for the Prize."  To me, that song really underscores humanity's inherent curiosity and search for good.  It reminds me of our many state treasures, such as the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, a world-class medical research facility.


Q: Do you ever play the lottery?  If you won the Powerball, what would be the first thing you'd buy?

A:  I buy a lotto ticket every once in a while.  I try not to daydream about what I'd do if I won the Powerball since I'm reasonably certain I wouldn't be able to keep the winnings.  I speculate on more tangible things, like what would happen if I ever won The Lost Ogle's March Madness competition.


Q: How many Thunder games did you attend?  Should Kevin Durant play the shooting guard or small forward position?

A:  Most of the games I saw were on TV, although I was fortunate to attend the first home game.  The level of enthusiasm and energy in the Ford Center was amazing, and that excitement never dissipated throughout the season.

As for Kevin Durant, I think one of the best things Scott Brooks did early on was move Durant back to small forward.  It's the natural fit for a player with his height and talents.


Q: Who has the better handshake?  Barack Obama, George Bush or Bill Clinton?

A:  Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Q: Some people speculate that you're going to run for US Senate someday.  Aren't you  too"¦uhm"¦ what's the right word"¦"normal" to be a US Senator from Oklahoma?

A:  I certainly think so, but you obviously haven't been talking to my children or wife.  I've been called a lot of things "“ "boring," "cool," "brilliant," "Brad Pitt-like" - but "normal" isn't one of them.


Q: Are you concerned with the dwindling Oklahoma great white shark population?

A:  I will only note with some pride that, on my watch, we have not lost a single great white shark in Oklahoma.


Q: Thanks a bunch for the interview.  One final question: What's your favorite obscure local social blog?

A:  Um, The Lost Ogle, of course.  That was easy.

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