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ROTFLMAO: Kevin Durant and Jenni Carlson met up in a chat room.

Here's an odd one.

Last week, Oklahoma City's best and most popular professional athlete, Kevin Durant, was followed into an Internet chat room by one of Oklahoma's worst and most notorious sports writers, Jenni Carlson.  That's kind of weird, huh?  Well, to make things extraordinarily weirder, they decided to chat in the "420 Room." Yeah, that 420.

Here are some screen shots of the twittidence:


Where to begin with this?

I guess my first question is why a famous athlete would tweet to his 45,000+ followers that he was entering an Internet chat room, much less a chat room with a name that makes you think of Phish concerts, hemp bracelets and Taco Bell 4th meal. As image conscious as professional athletes are today, that's kind of odd. That being said, KD is only a 20 year old kid. Also, NBA athletes are kind of known for their appreciation of the plant that Clark Matthews calls "the magic herb." If Kevin wants to go to a chat room and share magic brownie recipes, more power to him. He just needs to make sure it doesn't affect his jump shot, ridiculous length and clutch shooting.

My second question is why a terrible "“ yet prominent "“ sports columnist would follow Kevin Durant into that chat room. That's creepy. Is Jenni an NBA groupie? Was she hoping to learn that Kevin's mom hand feeds him KFC? Or is Jenni just a pothead who longs for the days when she could spend hours on AOL throwing out A/S/L checks and wondering if the guy who just sent her an IM had a pic or not. I'm hoping it's the last scenario. It may help explain her writing.

My third question is if Jenni Carlson and Kevin Durant are having a secret affair. I would try to answer that question, but I just threw up on my keyboard while thinking about it.

Anyway, maybe we are making too big of a deal about this. Maybe Kevin is so pure and naive that he didn't even know what 420 meant. Maybe Jenni was just doing her job and trying to get the scoop for a trite feature article she can butcher up. And maybe, just maybe, it really was a magical fairy who ate the last donut in the break room.

Linkage & Proof: Kevin Durant Tweet / Jenni Carlson Tweet

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