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No wonder he is so scared of bounty hunters”¦

Last week, we joked around that Ernest Istook's son, Chad Istook, was possibly frozen in carbonite.  We made this assumption because he was arrested by some bounty hunters called the Bounty Boys.  Well, the Bounty Boys have posted a video of Operation Istook, and you won't believe who pops up about three and half minutes into the video.  He's from the Dark Side:

chad istook darth vader

Geeze, I guess we now know why Chad was hiding in the closet.  I bet he really did think that he was going to be frozen in carbonite and then shipped to Tatooine to be thrown in the mighty Sarlacc.  Either that or be forced to spend a few weeks in a Spirit Prison.

Seriously, though, it's situations like this that make me happy that I'm not the screwed-up son of some politician.  Sure, it would be nice to have the unfair privileges, perks and life advantages that come with having a rich and powerful dad, but I wouldn't want to live with the pressures of knowing that if I were to ever be arrested by a group of men called "Bounty Boys" that it would make the local news and embarrass my family.  I also wouldn't want the world to know that I have a life size cardboard cutout of Jim Traber in my garage.  Imagine how embarrassing it would be if people thought I was a fan!

Anyway, we wish Chad Istook all the best during this life crisis.  Maybe he should seek some counseling in the Dagobah system.  May the force be with him.

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