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Ernest Istook’s son was possibly frozen in carbonite…

12:31 AM EDT on July 10, 2009


Remember Ernest Istook?  Well, one of his sons got in trouble.  From NewsOK:

The son of former U.S. Rep. Ernest Istook has been arrested by bounty hunters trying to serve an arrest warrant.

Bounty hunters Chris Black and Les Riggs, known as the Bounty Boys, went to the Norman home of Chad Istook on Tuesday night. For about 20 minutes the bounty hunters knocked on the front door and demanded to enter.

They say Istook pretended there was no one home. Black and Riggs eventually burst in and searched the house, eventually locating Istook hiding in the corner of the closet of the master bathroom.

I'll tell you what, who cares what heinous act Istook's kid committed?  The fact that he was hunted down by bounty hunters is probably the coolest thing I've heard this week.  Granted, hiding in the corner of a closet is pretty weak, but if you're going to go to jail, this has to be the coolest way to go.

That being said, the Bounty Boys has to be the gheyest name ever chosen for a group of renegade bounty hunters.   They should have their bounty license revoked for having a name like that.  If I were a bounty hunter, I'd call my business something cool like "Hiding in Space Junk" or "He's no Good to me Dead." I would also totally dress like Boba Fett and bring along a bunch of midgets dressed like pigs and drive a van with the words "Patrick's Carbon Freezing" painted on the side.  For fun, I'd terrorize Brent Skarky.  It would be funny to see him hiding in a closet.

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