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More Jessica Alba photos…and the deleted post from the shark activist.


First of all, the three images above are the other photos that we stumbled across of Jessica and White Mike vandalizing downtown Oklahoma City.  According to a (now removed) post from White Mike's website, the photographs were actually taken with Jessica Alba's camera.  Here's a screenshot of his original post:


Hmmn.  Lets take a look a something. According to White Mike...

"¢ The pictures were taken with Jessica Alba's camera
"¢ She "has a passion for sharks."
"¢ She offered to "come and get dirty in the trenches"

Call me crazy, but White Mike's statement doesn't seem to support Alba's claim that she was "not thinking things through before I made a spontaneous and ill-advised decision to let myself get involved with the people behind this campaign."  If anything, this looks like a well planned and orchestrated decision.  Seriously, since when does someone spontaneously fly to Oklahoma City to meet Jessica Alba and happen to bring with them a dozen great white shark posters and heavy duty glue?  That has to take some planning right?  It's not like we have a 24 hours Hobby Lobby located in downtown OKC with those supplies readily available.

Anyway, maybe it's time for Jessica Alba to issue a more appropriate apology.  Perhaps even a truthful and honest one.  If she doesn't want to do that, maybe she can just throw on a white tank top and and some cutoff jeans and clean off the posters using a water hose and bucket of soap.  Hell, we could even spin it as an anti-graffiti campaign.  That would be good publicity for everyone.

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