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Meg Alexander is a serious journalist…

The screen shot below was taken from the "People" page at  Take a look at it and see if you can figure out what's different.


If you were able to determine that Meg Alexander has a different style photograph than everyone else and a red box with the word "photo" in it by her name, then your are an observant individual.  That being said, noticing the new picture and obtrusive red box is kind of easy, but determining why they did it is a little bit more tricky.  My guess is that KFOR wants to make Meg Alexander look like a serious journalist.  And when you take compare her old picture with the new one, you can't blame them:

new-meg-alexander's probably good that KFOR is making Meg Alexander look more serious, but aren't they going a bit overboard?  It's kind of like they've took a Kindergarten teacher and made her a high school principal.  As one who spent too many days in the assistant principals office, I find this a bit disturbing.

Maybe instead of the principal look, KFOR should make Meg look like the 10th grade English teacher...preferably the same one who coached pom.  That would be smart, because then they'd have an excuse to get Joleen Chaney and Bobbie Miller to dress up like the 10th grade English teachers too, take pictures of them, and then post them all in a sweeps week spectacular.  And to make it all legitimate, they could probably have them sponsor DECA.  Clark Matthews loves DECA.

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