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You Decide! Who is Oklahoma City’s Hottest Hunk?

9:00 AM EDT on May 6, 2009


Since we are a Mommy Blog this week, I have been instructed by Clark Matthews to avoid writing about hot chicks.  Apparently, that's a taboo topic in Mommy Blogs land.  To fill the void, I figured we might as well write about something Mommy Blog's love: hunks.

Fortunately, though, we really know nothing about hunks.  Since that's the case, we thought it would be good to post a poll to see who is our city's hottest hunk.  Check out the nominees and vote after the jump:


Bob Barry Jr. (skinny version), Sportscaster



Alex Cameron, News Anchor & Reporter



Al Eschbach, Sports Talk Host


Cody Hanson, Hinder Drummer



Lance West, News Anchor


[poll id="180"]

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