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“Do You Realize” that our State House is filled with a bunch of idiots?

6:33 PM EDT on April 23, 2009

Earlier today, the Oklahoma House of Representatives decided to show how totally lame they are by voting a down a resolution that made the Flaming Lip's "Do You Realize?" the state's official rock song.  From NewsOK:

The Oklahoma House rejected a resolution today to name a song by The Flaming Lips as the state's official rock song because one of the band members wore a T-shirt bearing a symbol associated with the Communist Party while at the state Capitol last month.

Rep. Corey Holland, R-Marlow, debated against the resolution, saying he was bothered one of the band members wore a red T-shirt with a yellow sickle and hammer on it when The Flaming Lips came last month to the Capitol when results of an online voting contest showed their song to be the clear-cut winner.

Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, also spoke against the measure, saying the band has a reputation for using obscene language, recalling band members used offensive language several years ago when the city of Oklahoma City named an alley after the band.

"Their lips ought to be on fire," Reynolds said.

When I first heard this news, I thought it was joke.  But then I realized that I live in Oklahoma, and am represented by a right-wing nutjob group called the Oklahoma Legislature where arcane and illogical thought is encouraged and embraced.  Fortunately, though, we have a normal Governor who balances out this crazy group, and came to the rescue just a few hours after the resolution failed:

Gov. Brad Henry will sign an executive order Tuesday, April 28, naming the Flaming Lips song, "Do You Realize??," as the official rock song of Oklahoma.

In a statewide Internet vote held late last year, that song was the choice of 51 percent of more than 21,000 votes cast. Senate Joint Resolution 24 sought to codify that vote, but was narrowly defeated.

"For more than 20 years ago, Oklahoma's own Flaming Lips have produced creative, fun and provocative rock music," Gov. Henry said.

"The music of the Flaming Lips has earned Grammys, glowing critical acclaim and fans all over the world. A truly iconic rock "˜n' roll band, they are proud ambassadors of their home state.

"They were clearly the people's choice, and I intend to honor that vote."

The signing of the executive order will held at 2 p.m. April 28 at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City.

I'll tell you what, next year when all these magazines and newspapers get together to name their "Oklahoman of the Year," it better be Governor Henry. Besides giving The Flaming Lips their proper due, he's:

"¢ vetoed a bill guaranteeing corporate immunity to insurance companies and huge corporations.

"¢ vetoed a bill making it a criminal offense to research potential cures for debilitating and deadly diseases.

"¢ vetoed a unconstitutional bill that would have kept injured Oklahomans out of the political process

"¢ vetoed an unnecessary bill that would have limited the voting rights of the poor and minorities.

"¢  came to work before 10am at least 17 times.

Notice how the first four bullets all begin with the word "Vetoed?"  Thank God we have Governor Henry in office.  Can you imagine what life would be like for us if Steve Largent won the election in 2002?  We'd probably live in a state where there's a mandatory 10pm curfew, Mardel stores double as libraries and all college freshmen have to wear promise rings.

Anyway, hopefully his legislative session will hurry up end before Brad Henry has to veto another bill intended to set us back a few years.   Also, hopefully Mary Fallin will say "shit" to Andrew Speno sometime this year.  That may get us all the way to 2018.

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