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Sally Kern wants to know how you feel”¦

Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, is pictured at her desk on the floor of the House chamber in Oklahoma City, Thursday, March 13, 2008. Kern said she received more than 23,000 e-mails to her office in less than a week, mostly condemning her views on homosexuality, and thousands more to her home computer, […]

Gay Firestorm

Last week, we were emailed a letter and survey that State Representative Sally Kern sent to the people of her fine congressional district.  Although she doesn't compare homosexuals to terrorists, tell us how they are leading to the end of civilized society, or totally embarrass her state, she does lay out her "Kernservative" agenda.  Here are some high points:

It is an honor to serve as your State Representative.  As your spokesperson at the State Capital, it is my goal to keep you updated on the happenings at the Capital as well as seeking your advice on the best ways to reduce the size of government interference in our lives...

Among the issues I will be personally working in the coming legislative session will be insuring that children will not be discriminated against at school because of their faith, becoming a Nuclear friendly state, protecting unborn children by preventing embryonic research, defending our Second Amendment rights, and continued Ethics reform...

In addition to the letter, she also mailed a survey.  Here are a few of the totally non-biased, non-leading questions she asked:

I have co-authored a bill to prohibit tax payer money funding companies that do research with human embryos.
Do you believe we should increase our efforts to protect the sanctity of life? Yes  ___  No___

Oklahoma has seen significant improvement in the illegal immigration problem.  I am a co-author of an English only bill.
Do you support additional efforts to curb illegal immigration in Oklahoma?    Yes  ___  No___

Last year I authored a bill that protected students from religious discrimination"¦.
Do you feel that children should be allowed to express their religious convictions on a subject without fear of reprisal? Yes  ___  No___

First of all, you have to love how slanted her questions are.  Who in their right mind would ever say "I don't believe in protecting the sanctity of life."  Imagine what her comment card would look like if she owned a restaurant of something:

Our restaurant offers some of the freshest food and highest quality ingredients found in Oklahoma City.
Do you enjoy fresh food and quality ingredients? Yes ___ No ___

We train our staff to be kind and courteous to all customers.
Do you prefer a kind and friendly staff when you dine out? Yes ___ No ___

Seriously, this letter and survey are a complete waste of tax payer dollars.  She won't learn a thing from it.  And even if she did, would it matter?   Sally Kern doesn't care what her constituents think, what her friends think, or even what her 33-year old celibate metaphysicist music teacher non-gay son thinks.  She has a right wing nut job agenda, and she'll do anything possible to pass it.

Anyway, you can check out the entire letter and survey after the jump.  Remember, you can email your survey answers to  Have fun.


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