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Channel 25 Strikes Back!!!

Earlier this week, OPBUCO ran a series of full and half page ads criticizing Fox 25.  The ads were in response to a recent Fox 25 investigative series called "Problems in Print," that touched on the decline of the newspaper industry, and in particular, The Oklahoman.   A few days ago, Fox 25 responded. Check it out:

I'm still a bit confused here.  How did a fledgling Fox affiliate known more for hiring attractive people than reporting news just totally dominate our state's "most trusted" news leader in this battle of wits? Seriously, at the end of the report I expected the Dark Tower to fall to the ground and for Nick Winkler to tell everyone that he has spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder.

Anyway, if I was in charge of The Oklahoman, I'd start damage control right now.  The first thing I would do is run some ads showing the person responsible for the ill-advised rebuttal wearing a dunce hat and filling out unemployment paperwork.  The second thing I would do is spend thousands of dollars placing those ads on this site.  The third thing I would do is place more ads on this site.  I would do all that because I'm strikingly attractive and know a good deal when it see it.

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