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It’s almost time! Ogle Madness II starts tomorrow!


First of all, here are the brackets.  Download and enjoy:

Printable Bracket

Big, Easier to Read Bracket

For those who have no clue what this is, Ogle Madness is our very own gimmicky spin-off of the NCAA March Madness tournament bracket. We did it last spring and it was a success, so we figured we'd do it again.

Basically, we take 65 of Oklahoma's best and brightest "celebrities," and seed and place them into four regions. We then post daily match-ups and let our readers vote on which celeb they want to advance to the next round. The celeb with the most votes advances, while the loser is sent home. The tournament will continue until the championship game in April, when Oklahoma's top celebrity will finally be crowned.

Last year's Ogle Madness Champion was Lauren Richardson.  She just barely ousted Amy McRee in the Championship Game.  This year, several strong contenders from last year's  tournament make it back, while many new, fresh and formidable faces make their debut.

Anyway, Ogle Madness II will "tip off" tomorrow with a play-in game between "Make it Snow Girl" Elyse Downs and her "friend" who put the "Make it Snow" clip on YouTube, Brianna DeCassios.  Once the play-in winner is determined on Friday, Ogle Madness will get in to full swing on Monday with a four match-up slate.

Also, be sure to print and complete a bracket and tape it to your refridgerator or office cubicle wall, and then let us know who you think you're Final 4 will be.  Whoever gets it right wins a piece of cake.

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