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What is the deal with Lauren Richardson???

I was surfing the Internet yesterday and somehow stumbled upon this clip of Lauren Richardson in front of enough Hideaway Pizza to feed Cardboard Jim Traber's homeboys.   Lauren Richardson and pizza?  That has to be worth a look...right?

Call me crazy, but when did Hideaway Pizza suddenly become more sexy and exciting than Lauren Richardson?  Isn't this the same girl who used to lose her cherry at Braums, show us what she'd do with bottles of whipped cream, and take a dip in a pool of cold water at the State Fair? Now the highlights of her news segments are when she forgets that Alfredo sauce is a sauce.  Hell, we even had the words Paradise Pie mentioned and nothing funny came of it.

Anyway, at least we have a new video of Lauren, which is better than no video of Lauren.  Also, thank god Fox 25 picked Hideaway Pizza to come to the studios instead of Sophabellas.  The service is so terrible at Sophabellas that you could have ordered a pizza from them on Super Bowl Sunday and they'd just now be bringing it to your table.   Plus, they have Paradise Pie at Hideaway.  It may be the best pizza "” and name for a pizza "” ever.

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