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This is the new Oklahoma City Thunder Mascot…


Well, not exactly.  But according to just about every local media outlet, the mascot of the Oklahoma City Thunder will be an "athletic" bison.  From

The Bison will represent the Oklahoma City Thunder as the new team mascot.

The Oklahoma City Thunder will make the official announcement during the February 17 home game against the New Orleans Hornets.

Speculation about the mascot has been widespread, but team officials announced it wouldn't be revealed until the second half of the season, or possibly during the All-Star Break.

The Bison is expected to perform throughout games as well as community functions. In addition to the design of the costume, the team also faced legal obstacles such as licensing and trademark issues before the highly anticipated announcement could be made.

I'm really not sure what to think about this.  When I think of bison, I think of Medicine Park, Prairie Dogs and Mt. Scott...not NBA Basketball.  And if you look at some of The Thunder's past decisions (team name, logo, game emcee selection), you have to be pretty concerned that they'll find a way to screw this up.  They'll probably do something stupid like make the bison look like a pig or name it something stupid like Mr. Energy or Chezzey.

Regardless, it will be nice to finally have a mascot.  Now when your girlfriend catches you looking at The Thunder Girls, you can say "I'm just looking for Mr. Energy, isn't he silly!" instead of the standard  "man those girls sure do dress slutty" answer.  Also, I think we should organize a movement to have Gary England baptize The Bison at center court before the pregame prayer.  That would be a nice, and it would probably help ensure success for the team and franchise.

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