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Peace, Love and Thunderstanding: Thund-Fu Edition

This Week's Reason to Love the Team Even Though the Product on the Floor is Awful: Bandwagon Open for Business

Our team opened up a can of what I like to call "Thund-Fu" this past week.  That's because they dispatched of opponents one at a time.  Prior to last Wednesday, the Thunder had never beaten a team with a winning record.  Then, they annihilated the Utah Jazz 114-93.  This is a Utah team that was seven games over .500 heading into the matchup, and a team with a core of players that made it to the Western Conference finals in 2007.

Before Friday of last week, the Thunder had never won consecutive games.  After an 89-79 thumping of the Pistons, a team that was five games over .500, they finally had a winning streak.

Against two playoff teams, the Thunder produced their two most impressive victories of the season.  Then after a set back to Miami, they came back with their most exciting victory to date.

With 1.6 seconds remaining in the game on Wednesday the 21st, Jamal Crawford hit a floating jumpshot that hit the Thunder like a dagger.  Having already lost four games on last second shots, the team must have felt deflated.  Then, Jeff Green managed to take the inbound pass, get a turn around jumper off before the buzzer and watched it deflect off the backboard and through the rim for a one point victory.

Quote of the Week: Headline:  Oklahoma City Still Waiting for NBA Team

The Onion rules, but they can suck it.  What makes the satirical newspaper so funny is that they are usually so timely and on the nose.  This time?  Not so much.

OKLAHOMA CITY"”More than six months after the approval of the Seattle SuperSonics' relocation to Oklahoma City, the metropolitan region's 1.3 million residents continue to eagerly await the arrival of the Thunder, their promised NBA team.

"We realize basketball season started back in October, but we're not worried. We have no problem waiting a little longer for our first real professional basketball team to arrive," Mayor Mick Cornett said during an interview. "I called Commissioner Stern a few months ago, but I haven't heard anything back yet. I assume the Thunder will be here any day now." The mayor also noted that there is a team in town, or more precisely a basketball-themed comedy group, performing shows a few nights a week at the Ford Center, though their gimmick of the home team always losing becomes predictable after a while.

Three weeks ago, this would have been a perfect article.  However, since New Years Eve, the Thunder are on fire.  Okay, maybe 6-5 doesn't sound like a team lighting the world on fire, but when you start off 3-29, you have to be excited.

At this point, the Thunder are struggling to be the worst team this season.  Their 9-34 record is only slightly worse than the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers who are both 9-32.  Soon, we might have to start calling on the team to tank the rest of the season if they intend to get the best odds of landing Blake Griffin.  That brings us to...

This Week's Silver Lining: Not the Worst Ever

The 1972 Philadelphia 76ers can pop the corks as their record for futility will survive another season.  When Jeff Green's ugly bank shot fell through the net as time expired in Oakland on Wednesday, the Thunder clinched no worse than a tie for the worst record in NBA history.  That means...

Statistic of the Week: 44

That's how many minutes Kevin Durant averaged over the past four games--Out of 48 possible.  If it had not been for the blowout against Utah, in which Durant was pulled late, it would have been even higher.

Obviously, this team need KD out on the floor to have any hope of winning, but I have to question why he's playing so many minutes.  The wins are nice, but wouldn't it be better not to run down the team's star player?  Thinking long term, this season is basically a write-off, so I would suggest getting Durant some more rest and reduce the likelihood of him getting injured.

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