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More proof OPUBCO is struggling: $20 Obama T-Shirts


If laying-off 100+ people didn't convince you that OPUBCO was going through some tough times, just check out page 5A of the Sunday Oklahoman.  On it, you'll notice a full page ad promoting some interesting products OPUBCO is selling to help you "commemorate Obama's inauguration."

The best item, by far, is a $20 "keepsake t-shirt" that will "show a full-color reproduction" of the front page from Wednesday's OklahomanFrom the website where you can buy the shirt:

Celebrate a moment in time and own a piece of history with these collectible, one-of-a-kind tees and posters featuring the Wednesday January 21, 2009 front page commemorating Barack Obama's history-making Presidential Inauguration.

The Oklahoman is making a tee-shirt to commemorate Obama's inauguration?  What's next, classified ads for "sensual massages" on the back pages?

Seriously, OPUBCO hocking stuff that commemorates the election of a Democrat president seems a little weird.  It would be like us having a big party and letting Wimgo be the sponsor, or The Gazette selling pro-life coffee mugs.  It just doesn't make sense.  That's why I wouldn't be surprised if the big article on Wednesday's front page is an unattributed editorial on tort "reform" or a feature on Glenn Coffee, and the stuff about the actual inauguration is buried in the bottom left corner with the headline "Obama Sworn-In; Nation Mourns."

Anyway, to buy one of the deliciously ironic shirts, click here.  To view all the other "Go Obama" stuff that OPUBCO has hocking to stay afloat, click here.  Or to buy an Oklahoman watch, click here.

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