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Top 20 Oklahoma’ish News Stories of 2008… (10-1)

12:35 AM EST on December 31, 2008

Yesterday  we posted 20 - 11.  Today we countdown the Top 10.  Before we get to it, here is a review:

20. Global Warming be damned: the weather this year was relatively normal.

19. Josh Jarboe raps his way off the OU football team.

18. OSU fires Chuck E. Sutton.  Brings in a guy who seems pretty normal.

17. Bryan Abrams is an asshat.

16. Staying the night at the Ofuskee County will blow you away.

15. Lance Cargill forgets to pay taxes.  Steps down as House Speaker.

14. OU loses Fiesta Bowl. Again.

13. We get advertisers!

12. OU Sorority Girl will do whatever it takes to be an alpha chi.

11. Sam Bradford and Landry Jones sell cocaine

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10. The Oklahoman laid off some folks.

Last September, The Oklahoman announced that they were laying off a bunch of employees.  They "coincidentally" announced this on the same day that the Thunder unveiled their logo.  Fortunately, we got our hands on the memo that Publisher David Thompson sent to the entire OPUBCO staff.  There is no word on if they gave each employee a green bow-tie to flaunt for a camera.


9.  The Lost Ogle is featured in The Oklahoma Gazette. our massive egos got a bit bigger.


8. Tulsa newsman Jerry Giordano gets drunk and poops on himself.

Usually, I don't consider any news story from Tulsa to be relevant, but it was either this or the lady that had sex with dogs.  I figured Giordano's story was much more uplifting.  Also, I would like to give Tulsa props for actually giving us some interesting stories this year.  Last year, the only neat thing to come out of Tulsa was them botching the whole Belvedere thing.


7. Sam Bradford Wins the Heisman. Billy Sims ruins it.

It was nice knowing you Sam Bradford.  Have fun in the NFL.  And you suck, Billy Sims.


6. The financial world collapses around us. We're all going to die!!!

Yeah, I have no clue what this really means for Oklahoma.  Apparently it is bad for us in Oklahoma because gas is cheaper.  I'm not sure why something so good for me can be so bad for our state.  Can someone explain?


5. Devon likes big, tall and sleek buildings.

I think it's awesome that we're getting a colossally huge building to reshape our skyline, but you have to admit that the Devon Tower is a little bit overboard.  Just like the balding guy who buys the Porsche, the tower is definitely overcompensating for something.  I would bet that something is either the terrible image our city has had for the past 100 years or that Larry Nichols has a small penis.  We'll let you determine which.


4. Obama wins presidency. Oklahoma goes all red.

I was looking for a good image of map that had every Oklahoman county shaded bright red, but I couldn't locate one.  Instead, I decided to post a picture of a hot chick.  Granted, a picture of a Obama would have been more appropriate, but who cares.  Obama is boring.  Plus, I figured a picture of hot chick is the only thing that would make a conservative Oklahoman madder than a picture of Obama.


3. Brent Rinehart mails a comic book.

This was my favorite news story of the year.  I kind of wanted to rank it higher, but it just didn't trigger the same national buzz as our top two items.  Maybe this story will resurface in 2010 when Frank Miller or Zach Snyder decide to direct a movie based upon the book.  And don't tell me it's unfilmable.  If they can make Watchmen into a film, they can do the same with this piece of crap.


2. Sally Kern.

I wish the number two spot was something cool like "group of local bloggers win Powerball" or "meteorite crashes into Cowboy Hall of Fame" or "Animal's revolt at Arbuckle Wilderness.  They are no longer waiting for you," but it's not.  It's just our 2008 Douche Bag of the Year doing her thing.


1. OKC Thunder booms (clever, huh) into town.

I know it's trite and overstated, but on a symbolic level, getting an NBA team has moved our silly little town into a new class of upper echelon cities.  This is a big deal, and for the most part, is what made The Thunder such a great news story for Oklahoma.

But what made it the story of 2008 was how it all transpired.  First, Oklahoma City passed a sales tax extension to ensure the team would relocate here.  Then, a few months later, it was announced that the Sonics were indeed leaving Seattle for the Metro.  After that, the team went through a now patented series of blunders, highlighted by us simply, yet elegantly, leaking the name and logo on the internet.   These leaks resulted in some of highest traffic days in the history of this little site.  Hooray!


So that's the list for 2008.  I have some creepy feeling I totally left out some big story.  If so, let us know.  If not, have a Happy New Year!

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