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Make it snow! Make it snow! Make it snow!

I've never really understood fraternities or sororities.  I always figured they were just a way for rich college kids to buy their friends.  After watching this video, I'm now even more convinced this is true.

What the hell?  That's one annoying sorority girl.  The only thing this video is missing is one of this girl's sorority sisters lighting a candle and crying with her.  That and maybe some wasted frat guying trying to slip her a roofie so he can have sex with her.

Anyway, since Clark Matthews owns a bunch of videos about sorority girls "“ videos that he hides under his bed in a shoebox "“ I figured I would have him translate the video.  This is what he said:

She wanted to "make it snow" so she got the fire extinguisher and sprayed it inside the sorority house.  I'm not sure if it was a prank on another girl or if she was just that drunk.  Either way, she made a much bigger mess than she anticipated and woke everyone in the house up.  The hissy she was throwing in the car referred to the disciplinary fine she was going to get from the sorority.  Her other option is to "sweep the floor" which is code for doing manual labor around the house.  When she says "I'll do whatever it takes to be an Alpha Chi" she's afraid of being blackballed or expelled for her transgression.

Quite frankly, I'm disappointed in Clark's summary.  I think we all know that "sweep the floor" is really sorority code for "tickle fight in panties."  I think we also know that "make it snow" really means "take a sensual bubble bath with big sister."  I know this because I've dated several dozen sorority girls from Oklahoma City Community College, and from what I understand, those code words are universal.

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