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12:00 AM EST on November 26, 2008

If you are a regular reader of The Lost Ogle, you've probably noticed many amazing things about this site. The first "“ and probably most obvious "“ is that Clark Matthews and I are two of the most intelligent and sophisticated people living in Oklahoma City. The second is that we are pleasant individuals who display good study habits. The third is that we are strikingly attractive.

Anyway, the purpose of this special post is not to gloat about how amazing we are, but to instead ask our readers and fellow bloggers to help us fix one of our biggest weaknesses: the lack of a good blogroll.

According to Wikipedia, a blogroll is a list of blogs, usually placed in the sidebar of a blog, that reads as a list of recommendations by the blogger of other blogs. For several reasons "“ primarily the fact that we spend most of our time and energy trying to keep the site updated on daily basis "“ our blogroll has been neglected. And now we would like to fix it up. If you have a blog or website that you would like to see added to The Lost Ogle Blogroll, send us an email to thelostogle at gmail dot com. Here's what we'll need:

"¢ Blog Name

"¢ Blog URL

"¢ One or two sentence description of your blog

"¢ Optional: Tell us how awesome we are

If you do that for us and your name is not Steve Hunt, there's a pretty good chance that your site will appear on our next blog roll update. If you don't, well, the chances are not very good and you'll probably die a slow painful death like the last man who didn't bow to Clark Matthews after a marathon checkers battle. Nobody wants to die like that, right?

So anyway, if you have a blog, send it to us. We'd like to add you to our site.

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