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Did Jenni Carlson get fired today?

I don't think so, but according to some emails we've received, today is the day that The Oklahoman has started firing employees.  Allegedly, these reporters were already given the ax:

"¢ Vallery Brown

"¢ Micah Gamino

"¢ John Sutter

"¢ Jessica Jackson

If the above news is true, our condolences go out to the terminees.  Hopefully, these talented journalists land on their feet and receive a decent severance package.  Hopefully "“ for their sake "“ the severance package does not include a free subscription to the paper or a coffee mug.

Anyway, if you know of any other reporters who lost their jobs, or even the old people who took the early retirement option, why don't you go ahead and post it here.  It will be interesting to see who is left.

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