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“Like a Black Cloud”

12:29 AM EDT on September 24, 2008

STR/AFP/Getty Images
STR/AFP/Getty Images

To say that it was chickenshit, excuse the expression, is an understatement. It was gratuitous, and it was petty, and it appeared vindictive to me, and it was utterly beneath the dignity of a person of Cheney's achievement. I mean, Dick Cheney coming into my life has been like a black cloud.

~ Frank Keating

None of this is really news (except for the Tulsa World publishing the word "chickenshit").  Dick Cheney has been characterized as a materialization of a real life Sith Lord for quite awhile now.  So, when former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating suggested to the author of Angler  that being introduced to the current Vice President was "like a black cloud" coming into his life, it mainly sounded like sour grapes.

Sure, Keating only told Dick Cheney about his shady financial arrangement with a New York banker because Cheney was vetting candidates to become George W. Bush's running mate...a job that Cheney eventually bestowed upon he has reason to be upset that the information was leaked to the press.  However, it is unfair of Keating to suggest that this was the reason he was passed over for Attorney General.  The reason he didn't get the job was simply that John Ashcroft was more gifted:

On another note, this has nothing to do with Frank Keating or Dick Cheney, but it was the funniest thing I've seen on the web in awhile, so enjoy.

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