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Fun With Craigslist

Initially, the plan was to come up with something funny to post to Craigslist that our readers could enjoy.  Instead, I found this:

Sept. 26, one drunken clown wanted for entertainment. Here's how it works: You dress up in clown garb, make up, shoes, hair, all of it. We take you to the bars on my Bday and get you smashed drunk. YOU DRINK FREE ALL NIGHT and YOU EARN $50 FOR THE NIGHT. Thats it... we want a drunk clown hanging out with a bunch of bar hopping fun people. The drunker you get, the more stuff you knock over and fall down and trip, the better. Did I mention you DRINK FOR FREE?

After contacting the person who left this ad, the offer is 100% legit.  If you are looking for work, or just like dressing up as a clown and getting smashed, you can apply here.  Make sure to post your salespitch for why you are the person for the job in our comments section.

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