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The Local Media is Ballin…again

12:00 AM EDT on September 5, 2008

So they can continue to get biased reporting and preferential treatment in the local media, the University of Oklahoma held its second annual Media Basketball Game in front of the typical empty crowd at the Lloyd Noble Center.

Just like last year, when we were treated to Al Eschbach showing off his lay up skills and swim trunks and Mark Rodgers being violated by Toby Rowland (classic pic after the jump), this game had some pretty good highlights. Check them out after the jump.

Maybe Curtis Fitzpatrick has always been Rumpelstiltskin, but actually telling the girl that he can turn straw into gold and then stealing the ball from her is a bit over the top. Also, if he's not blatantly traveling in that picture, then I'm not the most strikingly attractive blogger in Oklahoma City.


Then: 2007 OU Media Basketball Game

Now: 2008 OU Media Basketball Game

When you compare the pictures above "“ besides noticing he is wearing the same outfit "“ you may think that Mark Rodgers has improved his basketball game over the past year. Just look at him. He looks to be a bit leaner, a better dribbler, and overall, more comfortable on the court. Who knows, maybe Jessica Schambach took him to a body sculpting class or something.

However, when you notice that Curtis Rumpelstiltskin is guarding him instead of Toby Rowland...that probably explains the improvement.


Rusty Olsen is one of those unique individuals that has both a voice and face for radio. Seriously, how did he get a job! Whenever he speaks he sounds constipated. I never knew he looked constipated, too. Hell, maybe he is constipated.


Dear god! There really is something wrong with Al Eschbach's eyes. If you saw him playing ball at the gym you'd probably freak out and text all your friends that you just watched a blind guy nail lay ups. You'd also tell them that he's wearing a swimsuit (again!).


I really don't know much about this dude, but apparently his name is Damon Fontenot and he works for Not only is the basketball the size of this dudes head, but he seriously looks like an elf. He probably has mad bow & arrow skills and lives near Rivendell in the foothills of the Hithaeglir. He also probably is immortal and can only die in battle or through grief. I don't know if that's good or bad.


Anyway, those are just some of the better pictures from the basketball game. For all of them, click here. Maybe next year they'll invite Clark Matthews and see how real basketball is played.

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