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Happy Labor Day!

10:10 AM EDT on September 1, 2008

Since it's Labor Day, I figured it would be good to kind of take the day off and give you all some site news. Here it is:

Item #1: Starting next Monday, you will need to be a registered user to leave a comment. We are doing this for a bunch of reasons, but primarily to filter all the stupid comments. To go ahead and register, click here.  If you are already registered, congratulations on being ahead of the curve.

Item #2: Windy is no longer a site contributor. Granted, she only authored a couple of posts, but she did help out behind the scenes contributing to site features and giving massages. Here is what she said:

Hate to have to do this, but I think I'm going to have to step aside from the writing. I fully intended to go into this thing strong, but life sorta took over (the new job, engagement, a freelance writing job).

Thanks for the fun. Of course, I'll still be reading. You guys do a great job and do a lot to make folks step back and not take themselves so seriously. Have a great day!

Yeah, we're going to miss those massages.

Item #3: The hot girl above is Joleen Chaney. Joleen is a general assignment reporter for Channel 4 and one of the front runners for the hottest women in the OKC news media crown. If you go to Channel 4's website you would never know this, because they don't list her picture or bio on their site. They probably do this because they don't want to bring all the other anchors down. Anyway, I have no clue why this is site news, but I figured you probably needed to know.

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