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The Best Wedding Photography Ever!

12:00 AM EDT on August 28, 2008

Not too much to say about this one, other than the fact that they may just be the best wedding photos of all time. Seriously, the only thing that could make these photographs any better is if they also captured Van Shea Iven and Paul Folger tossing the pigskin in a field of wildflowers and eating some Mazzio's Pizza.

Anyway, to check out all the pictures click here. If you're too lazy to do that, check out some of the other ones we've posted after the jump.

Also, kudos to Keep Sakez Photography for having either the confidence or ignorance to post these wedding pictures as portfolio items, and for having some talking avatar freak me out on their homepage. This may be the first photography studio that makes you want to burn or destroy your wedding photos even before you decide to get divorced.

A nice thank you to the kind reader who pointed us to this a while back, too.

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