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Moderate Expectations

In my weekly dose of Traber (part of the penance for my sins is twenty minutes of the non-cardboard Jim variety), I realized that some Oklahoma State people are psychotic. That said, I heard two people in five minutes suggest that the Pokes are going to win a national championship.

Um... no.

This drastic difference between reality and expectations led me to do some self-reflection. (Pretty remarkable for the Sports Animal.) Where are my expectations for things around the metro, and where should they be?

Oklahoma City Blazers, Yarddawgz, Redhawks
My expectation: League championship at least once a year
Reality: Our trio of minor league sports, we have two championships -- in my lifetime -- both by the Blazers. Lest we forget, that we have some of the nicest minor pro facilities in the nation, are one of the largest markets, and are consistantly near the top in attendance figures for the CHL, PCL and af2. Instead of our rightful place at the top of the league, we're thankful when we score a home win against Tulsa.

Oklahoma legislature
My expectation: A group of people with no sense of reality whatsoever.
Reality: A group of self-obsessed @$$holes with no sense of reality whatsoever. At least I'm close.

University of Oklahoma Football
My expectation: Frequent BCS appearances with an occasional win.
Reality: A snippy Bob Stoops press conference after losses in New Orleans, Miami, Tempe and Tempe. At least God's children will only face a road game against Florida.... Now if only Tebow will get hurt.

Drive to Oklahoma City from Edmond
My expectation: A 30-45 minute drive.
Reality: Calculating how hard it would be to ramp my car over the fuel-efficient matchbox car onto the concrete median like I do on Grand Theft Auto IV. Three hours later, I was all the way to 122nd Street.

National Media
My expectation: Relatively unbiased journalism.
Reality: Puppy Love with B.H.Obama.

Where else am I off?

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