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Worst of OKC: Worst Potential Morning News Assignment For Lauren Richardson

It's pretty safe to say that we like Lauren Richardson. She won Ogle Madness. We have a day named after her. And Sarah would even go gay for her. We even heard from a good source that she said this to the Gazette when they interviewed her for the article about us, but for some reason they didn't publish it:

The guys at The Lost Ogle sure are handsome...especially that Patrick.

All that is great and everything, but we are now starting to get a little bit worried about Lauren. According to her MySpace, she apparently has a boyfriend named Trevor and she also lists Kid Rock as a person she'd like to meet. Next thing you know she's going to get married and turn 30...two very bad things.

Anyway, regardless of all that. We still decided it would be a good idea to determine what is the worst potential morning news show assignment for her. Vote after the jump.

You know, none of these really need an explanation (like you read them anyway).  Vote!

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