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Worst of OKC: Worst “Oklahoman” Sports Columnist

So it looks like The Oklahoman ran away"“or is running away-with the "Worst Metro Newspaper" category. In honor of that accomplishment, we figured it would be good to determine who is their worst sports columnist.

Mel Bracht

Mel is the sports media columnist for The Oklahoman. He is perhaps the most unopinionated media columnist in the history of media columnists. The craziest thing he'll do is list arena football in his mesmerizing "What to Watch."

Jenni Carlson

Dear god, way too much to mention here...

Mr. Monday

Mr.Monday is the whimsical off-beat "humor" columnist for The Oklahoman. He's also one of our biggest fans in The Dark Tower. We are pretty sure he's the guy who wrote "The Lost Ogle LIVES" on the wall of the 4th floor handicapped bathroom. We are pretty sure he's also the guy who uses that bathroom.

Berry Tramel

As I said before, I don't think Berry Trammel is that bad of a newspaper columnist. But he pretty much sucks at all the other stuff he does (like TV, radio, online video).

John Rohde

When I was 19-year-old waiter at the "new" Applebee's on Northwest Expressway, I got to wait on John Rohde. I'm pretty sure he gave me a lousy tip. Since then, I've always rooted for Vijay Singh to win every golf tournament, the Denver Broncos to lose ever football game and for Bill Self to finally lose the toupee.

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