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The Worst of OKC

Right now the Oklahoma Gazette (Best of OKC) and The Oklahoman (Reader's Choice) are both in the process of creating their popular publications that help "determine" the best businesses, people and places of Oklahoma City. Since we like to play along, we figured we'd do something similar, yet totally different. It's called the "Worst of OKC," and it's our newest interactive feature.

Here's how it works: For the next five weeks, we will start off each day with a different "Worst of" category and a group of nominees. From there, we'll let our visitors vote for which one is the worst. Whichever nominee gets the most votes will be our "Worst of OKC" champion.

Overall, the "Worst of OKC" should be a lot better than the stuff in the Gazette and The Oklahoman. For one, you won't have to worry about off-the-clock waiters at some new restaurant stuffing ballot boxes for nominations. You also don't have worry about boring "please advertise with us if you win" categories like "Best Hair Salon" or "Best Place to Buy Office Supplies." Really, the only drawback for our competition is that loyal Lost Ogle reader's couldn't help determine nominees. Maybe if we get an army interns and underpaid staffers to tally nomination forms for us, we can work on that for next year.

Anyway, after the jump you can see all the 2008 "Worst of OKC" categories. Fittingly enough, we'll kick things off tomorrow with "The Worst Metro Newspaper."

Worst of OKC (in alphabetical order). Log on each day to see the nominees and which category is open for voting.

Worst Anchorman

Worst Anchorwoman

Worst Douche Bag Hang-Out To Be Seen Visiting

Worst Douche Bag To Actually Be Seen With In Public

Worst Local Musician Or Group

Worst Lost Ogle Feature

Worst Lost Ogle Writer

Worst Road

Worst News Channel

Worst Newspaper

Worst Oklahoman Sports Columnist

Worst Online Video Show

Worst Place To Listen To Live Music

Worst Place To Lose Your Car Keys

Worst Place To Meet Hot Chicks

Worst Place To Meet Intelligent People

Worst Place To Take A Date

Worst Place To Watch A Sporting Event

Worst Politician

Worst Potential Morning News Assignment For Lauren Richardson

Worst Restaurant That Is For Some Reason Popular

Worst Sporting Event

Worst Sports Animal Host

Worst Strikingly Awesome Feature About Patrick

Worst Oklahoma City Suburb

Worst Tourist "Attraction"

Worst Commercial Spokesperson

Worst TV Show

Worst Weatherman

Worst Website

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