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Happy Birthday To Us.

12:59 AM EDT on May 13, 2008

It's hard to believe, since it feels like only seventeen years ao, but today The Lost Ogle turns one year old. It's been an interesting year, as we've gone from humble beginnings being read by about six people per day to becoming a kinda sorta well known blog being written about in publications such as the Gazette and, well, the Gazette.

A year ago when we decided to try this project, we started by kicking around a few names. Among those considered:

In the end, much to James Hale's relief, we ended up with, and now it's hard to imagine the site being known as anything else. We've been flattered to learn that the site is read in newsrooms, schoolrooms, and Justice League headquarters.

This is The Lost Ogle's 400th post, and to date there have been over 5400 reader comments on our site. Roughly 3/4 of those have been dedicated to extolling the virtues of Gary England, but occasionally we also like to poke fun at the Mathis Brothers. That's just the kind of hard-hitting journalism we know our readers look for.

As we enter our second year, we hope you'll continue to stop by and help us enjoy the lighter side of Oklahoma City.

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