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For Sale: Dave Morris Replica Underwear…only $13.99.


Actually, we are not sure if Dave Morris wears these new Wimgo boxers, but it wouldn't surprise us. It also wouldn't surprise us if Dave wears this stylish Wimgo trucker hat to the VIP section at Cafe Nova, or if his smoking hot girlfriend wears this Wimgo pink shirt to bed each night. It would surprise us if Dave ever wore one of these.

Anyway, this little tidbit is part of something that we are going to call WTF is Wimgo Week, which will be a crash-course examination of the new OPUBCO website that some are already declaring the new "Facebook" for Oklahoma City. Or as Rikki from OPUBCO told us in the following email correspondence:

The Lost Ogle: Can you explain to us what this website (wimgo) is supposed to be or do? All we can seem to find are videos of Berry Tramel talking about how he likes Oklahoma City's lack of traffic.

Rikki from OPUBCO: Thank you for your email. Wimgo is what's going on and where to go in Oklahoma. From museums to theatres, fundraisers to festivals, concerts to karaoke and sporting events to craft shows, we're your source for things to do. When you need to find a business, an event, or anything Oklahoma - wimgo is the tool that gets it done. The advantage of wimgo is the extensive network of local organizations that make sure the content is accurate and comprehensive!

When you brought up the site, did you not see the spolight event block, "One click event" or anything else besides the video of Berry Tramel? If you didn't could you please send us a screen shot of what you saw so that we might fix the problem?

Hmmn. Seems a little lofty. We kind of think that Wimgo is just another attempt (see: Look at OKC) by the Oklahoman to look cool, and that the real purpose of the site is to milk advertisers for every penny (which is kind of proven after watching this little video). But then again, we also believe the state capitol should be moved to Beaver and that Seiling should be home to an important national monument, so try to take it all with a grain of salt...

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