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12:00 PM EDT on March 20, 2008

Anchors for Arsenal

With all the March Madness and Ogle Madness stuff going on, I figured I should point out the "94.7 The Buzz" is doing some silly thing called March Bandness. In March Bandness, they select 64 local unsigned bands and have listeners (a.k.a. friends of the bands) vote for their favorite, with the highest vote getters moving on each week. Right now, they are down to 32, with the top 16 moving on next week.

The reason I point this out because one of my favorite local bands, Anchors for Arsenal, is still in the competition. I have a deal with their lead singer Jonathan that if they win the tournament, they'll maybe play for free at a "soon to probably maybe hopefully be announced" oglicious Lost Ogle event that will hopefully take place this summer. That would be a win-win for everyone. Not only will it put a great single (Denver Sky Tonight) from a great local band on the radio, it will also give us free entertainment at the "soon to probably maybe hopefully be announced" oglicious event.

So do yourself and your Lost Ogle pals a favor and go vote for Anchors for Arsenal. To sweeten the deal, if they win the event, we'll talk Clark Matthews into holding off on posting his Justice League of Oklahoma novella prequel, The Revenge of Jack Bowen. Once again, another win-win.

(p.s.- I was going to link to the Gazette's great review of "The Fall of You and Me", but as of this writing, it's totally screwed up. )

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