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Ogle Madness: Play-In Game

2008 Ogle Madness

Well, Ogle Madness kind of sort officially kicks off today with the play-in game between The Diffee Kids and the Richardson Homes Girl. The winner of this battle will face Governor Brad Henry, the Number 1 seed in the West Region, later in the tournament. This battle will be open until the end of tomorrow. Once the results are in, I'll update the bracket and fix all my glorious typos. I'll even try to make it (gasp) easier to print.

After the jump, you can review bios of the competitors and cast your vote. May the best young annoying pitch person(s) win!

The Diffee Kids vs The Richardson Homes Girl

About The Diffee Kids:


Conference: Annoying Rich Pitchkids Conference

Who they are: If you're having a bad day, you can check out some of the Diffee Kids Commercials to make your day even worse. That should help.

Biggest Strength: Helping convince borderline suicidal people that their life really isn't worth living.

Biggest Weakness: Proper communication while in the huddle.

Fun Fact: Tony has crudely assembled collages of each Diffee kid hanging in his basement. Creepy.


About The Richardson Homes Girl:

Conference: Mumbling Pitchkid Conference

Who she is: At the end of the Richardson Homes TV commercial, she mumbles in one breath: Letmwyfamweebldurfamleesnuehum

Biggest Strength: Inspiring a new generation of speech pathologists to pursue the craft.

Biggest Weakness: Like most child stars, she'll probably go crazy.

Fun Fact: If you can't get this girl's voice out of your head, you can always watch this flash presentation from the Richardson Homes website. It will put you to sleep pretty fast.


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